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We sell fabrics, yarn, sewing patterns and buckle gifts. We also have a successful sewing school with nearly 200 students. We are located at Stærmosegårdsvej 10, 5230 Od. M. about 800 meters from the Rosengaardcenter and IKEA.

We have with our 20 years in the business a solid expert knowledge of fabrics, yarn, sewing supplies and patterns. We produce our own Line2Line patterns, primarily for our students at our sewing-school, but there are now so high demand on our Line2Line patterns in Europe, that we are working to expand sewing explanations and indexes them in a difficulty.

At we work very hard to get you a professional help. For your sake we stock only the best qualities.

In 2009 we took over Staun fabric-catalog, which was an old reputable company from 1846. We have released our own fabric-catalog two times a year, spring / summer and autumn / winter. Read more about our catalog here.


Shipments to EU countries: ALWAYS CHEAPEST SHIPPING
Delivery to EU countries, we take as a starting point, a fixed shipping price of EUR 17,25, - but we always regulate the amount down that you have paid, if it can be sent cheaper.

Package will be sent at the customer's responsibility. All packages are sent incl. 25% VAT.

You can also choose to have your package sent, insured with Post Denmark, so it costs EUR 36,75,- We always adjust the price down, if it can be sent cheaper.



Shipping to Non EU countries:  ALWAYS CHEAPEST SHIPPING has a fixed shipping price in Denmark EUR 25,25, - but we always send your package to the cheapest price. However, you will first see the price change, when we pull money from your account. We always use Post Denmark for delivery of packages.

All packages are sent VAT free delivery to Norway, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands and other non-EU countries.

All our fabrics are in stock and we take great pride in having Denmark's fastest delivery. With some yarns and colors, you could expect extra delivery time, when goods are to be sent from the suppliers.

Since we all want our products ordered quickly, when we buy over the internet, we will do everything possible to send your products the same day we receive your order. Be aware that the yarn can sometimes be backordered, so you can expect a slightly longer delivery time - but we will continually keep you informed. You have of course always the option to cancel your order if you do not want to wait for your products.


Declare - outside EU
In some countries outside the EU you must pay a tax when the goods are imported. The amount may vary from country to country. has no influence on how the goods cleared through customs, but we enclose an invoice so that the authorities in the country you come from, can see what the substance contains.


At you can pay with credit and VISA credit card, bank transfer or by regular bank transfer. All information is encrypted for PBS and it is therefore safe to pay by card at

You have no deductibles in the event that your card is misused in an Internet shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment. You are better protected than in the physical world where you have an excess of EUR 160 when your credit card is misused by using the pin code.

The data you submit in connection with a purchase and paid with a credit card is encrypted (SSL). It is only PBS that can read them. Neither nor others have the opportunity to read your data.

The amount of goods will only be drawn, when the goods are shipped from We can never draw a larger amount than the amount you have approved the acquisition. Payment can be made via credit card. You can pay with the following cards: VISA / VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro and Mastercard.


Account Transfer
If you will transfer money to our account in the Danish Bank the number is: 4701-3477024289. Remember also to add your order number on.

If your payment is received before 16:30, we will do everything possible to send your goods the same day.

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